Thursday, January 6, 2011

New Spot

Ok. So my plan is to start blogging here with tidbits about the funny things that happen to us, what we're doing, etc, etc.
BUT, if you check out, you'll see my newest project! There, I am blogging about the New Year project I'm doing with my kids: memorizing scripture. Follow it, and know what's up!

Otherwise, to catch everyone up- we've moved. Again. Probably twice since I last blogged. We left CA in July, lived in Helena, Alabama for almost 6 months, and then just last week moved to Houston, Texas. Scott is on staff with an amazing church here ( full-time, the kids are in their newest school, and now I'm deciding what to do with myself, two dogs, and a quiet house 5 days of the week... Probably volunteering with church and their school, substituting, and blogging... or lots of reading and tv!

Over Thanksgiving break, we were in Tyrone, where Jessica Mull (aka my very talented sister-in-law) took these photographs- check out her work at: or

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