Thursday, January 6, 2011

New Spot

Ok. So my plan is to start blogging here with tidbits about the funny things that happen to us, what we're doing, etc, etc.
BUT, if you check out, you'll see my newest project! There, I am blogging about the New Year project I'm doing with my kids: memorizing scripture. Follow it, and know what's up!

Otherwise, to catch everyone up- we've moved. Again. Probably twice since I last blogged. We left CA in July, lived in Helena, Alabama for almost 6 months, and then just last week moved to Houston, Texas. Scott is on staff with an amazing church here ( full-time, the kids are in their newest school, and now I'm deciding what to do with myself, two dogs, and a quiet house 5 days of the week... Probably volunteering with church and their school, substituting, and blogging... or lots of reading and tv!

Over Thanksgiving break, we were in Tyrone, where Jessica Mull (aka my very talented sister-in-law) took these photographs- check out her work at: or

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Down in my Heart to Stay

I realized how long it's been since I blogged when I couldn't remember the password to my blog sign-in.
That being said, my reason for not blogging has nothing to do with not having anything so say. If you know me at all, I can always come up with something to say. Really, my problem lies with a lack of time and energy.

So, now that my on-line courses to keep my CA teaching credential are finished, the yearbook is submitted, etiquette classes are over, and there are 9 weeks of school left- most of which is planned for- I might up take up a hobby besides sleeping. That hobby just might be blogging again. Get ready, I've learned a lot this year!

One thing I've taken away from this past year is something God's been working on with me for a while. And I think it might have just got through this thick head of mine. I've really learned to find JOY in Christ. In the fact of his sacrifice for me. In his unconditional love. In his never-ending love for me. For so long I would quickly forget that kind of Joy, and I'd settle back into the circumstantial joy. The kind that leaves when something you don't want to happen actually happens. The kind that empties you. The kind that create doubt, fear, and that must-control-everything feeling. The kind that disappears when things change.

I know I've crossed over- and I want to stay on this side- because things can change in a minute. People who you could believe in change. Jobs change. Finances change. Relationships change.

God doesn't change. The fact Christ died for me doesn't change. And, in the middle of a world where every thing will change, I find JOY in One who won't.

I'm seeing lots of change and things that can be uncertain. Traditionally, this would make me nervous. And, maybe it still does a little. I mean, I went over a week without sleeping an entire night. I've prayed a lot, though. And God reminded me of Him. His Joy. Then, last night, I slept the whole night through!

That song from Sunday School makes sense. "I've got the joy, joy, joy, joy down in my heart! Where? Down in my heart.... down in my heart to stay!"

Monday, January 11, 2010

Birds and Bees

Scene 1: In the car, riding home from school, Scott and Will:
Will: Dad, I know everything. (we already knew he thought this...)
Scott: Really. (not sure if it's a question or a comment. more of just a "yeah, sure, I'm listening...)
Will: Yes, Dad. I'm true. ("true"- as in, I'm telling the truth... a Will-ism)
Will: I even know where babies come from.
Scott: Really? (a question this time. definitely more interest shown...)
Will: Yep. They come from a mama's moo-moo. (WHAT???)
Scott: Ahhhh, ok... (not sure to probe further or not...)
Will: Yeah. God zaps them into their mama's belly first. (somewhat a sigh of relief. but, moo-moo?)

Scene 2: In the living room, Alison and Em:
Em sits on floor with Barbie and Ken. Barbie and Ken (naked Ken... why do those dolls always have their clothes off?) kiss.
Alison: Hey, Em. (curious.)
Em: oop. (throws Ken across the floor).

Lord, help us.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Did you know...

1. That I have a blog? I'd almost forgot... three or so months can sure slip by.
2. I know where those 3 months have gone: traveling home to GA, starting a new teaching career, working with an organization to evaluate schools, working on an additional credential through Stanford, getting the kids settled into 1st grade and pre-k, helping run a church... did I mention that I was starting a new job at a BRAND NEW school?

There are lots of funny things that happen every week that I should be sharing. Like, Emmie Ann now can't remember "Santa Clause" as his name, but she just keeps talking about "that Christmas Man" when she comes up with something she wants to add to her Christmas list. Or, just the fact that Will asked to take breakdancing lessons...
I also tend to think on deep levels, at times, and should share this stuff, too.

Right now, I think I should share that for our ambitious Trunk-or-Treat, my Life Group has adopted the Enchanted Forrest theme... and we're going ALL OUT. Each life group has taken a theme and is decorating their cars, dressing up, and doing that whole thing. But, (shhh) we've taken two trailors (the kind that race cars are transported in) and have renovated the inside to make a walk-through experiences, complete with twinkle light stars, foliage, and fairy tale characters. Watch out, we're out to win this one. I mean, Scott's wearing leggings... this is good stuff. [Pictures to come.]
Seriously, our church is awesome. For such a "small" church, we sure to bring-it. We do great things! I know God's always at work, but when we can be apart of that- WoW!

Last week a certain thought, mentioned during Sunday's service, REALLY hit me: "In America, we tend to DO church well- really well. But, do we BE the church equally as well?"
Doesn't that make you wonder- when do we jump out of our comfort zone and actually BE what God wants? Instead of pouring into ourselves, when do we pour into others?
So, I'm on this adventure just waiting to see where God takes me!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Our TV has been broken for almost 2 months. While we've been watching morning cartoons and the news in our bedroom, the DVR has continued to record all "our shows." Well, we finally moved the bedroom TV in to the living room, hooked it up to DVR, and are getting caught up on season finales... from Memorial Day.
Anyways, I've just gone back and watched my Jon and Kate Plus 8 shows. I've seen tabloids and know a bit about what is going on, but I just don't want to face it. Last summer, I started watching, and somewhere between their taking the kids to church, the Isaiah t-shirts, and their candid (yet a bit scary) conversations with one another, I grew attached to the Gosslins! I thought that just maybe they'd be a family to follow. It didn't take long, however, for questions to grow: are they for real? how much is scripted? are those kids okay? how much money do they want to make before they quit? is the next house going to be big enough? will she ever leave jon alone? can he do anything right? does she watch herself on tv? does she really believe that everything she does is for the kids? will they ever give it up? why haven't they mentioned counseling at all? are they really Christians? would they give up the big house/bad marriage for the small house/better looking marriage? was it all a scheme? is TLC evil? why don't they turn off the cameras and work on their marriage if they're so concerned about their kids?

I have to say I'm totally devastated by the way their life is turning out. The youngest just turned 5. That's my kids' age. No kid should have to deal with the mess their parents are going through- much less have it recorded on film and broadcasted to the world. With a broken heart, I took Jon and Kate Plus 8 off my DVR "scheduled recording" list and added them to my "seriously pray for them" list.

Then, in an attempt to be an informed individual, I did what any wondering ex-fan would do: I googled them. And, I found this article.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

7 and counting

Seven years ago we got hitched. To celebrate this event, we handed the kids off to friends and went out to lunch. Nothing fancy. Just Napa Valley.
In just under an hour and a half (well, maybe two with the couple wrong turns), we made it to Napa Valley and dined at the Rutherford Grill for lunch. Fabulous. Just across the street we wondered in to a cute little tasting room from the Elizabeth Spencer Vineyards. Nice, nice people and yummy selections!
Then, we went to Peju, recommended to us by friends (thanks Kyle and Bekah!), they had the most beautiful grounds! Lots of groomed and blooming bushes and flowers that take you right up to the vines. Inside, there was an amazing art gallery on the second floor that looked out over the vineyard. Nice tasting there, too!
Finally, on our way out of town, we stopped into the Father of Napa Valley's winery to pay homage to Robert Mondavi. Also, we wanted pictures!!
It was a GREAT day! And, while it's hard for Scott to admit, it sure beats how we've spent the last two anniversaries... Cracker Barrel and a movie.

One Day Vacations

Sacramento itself is not the most impressive thing I've ever seen. It's actually funny to me that it's the California state capital.
But, what Sac has is pretty impressive; the real estate world would sum it up with "location, location, location."
For example, last week we piled the kids and dog in the mini-van and went to the ocean. For the day. It was about 3 hours to the cutest little city by the sea, Carmel by the Sea, specifically. We ate at a fun little pizza joint, played on the beach ( though not much in the cold Pacific Ocean), laid in the sun, ran the dog in the surf, and dug our toes in the sand.

Later, we wiped ourselves off and walked the hill up to Carmel. It is too cute. Very European or fairy tale like. Dog friendly. Tinkerbelle not only was allowed in all the stores and had a menu tailored to dogs at dinner, but she even drank from the Fountain of Woof- built to show just how friendly Carmel is to K-9s.
After attempting to watch the sun set (a bit cloudy), we piled back in the van and headed home. The kids slept. The dog slept. And me too.
I took enough pictures to make it seem like we were there a week.